Epic vs. Awesome

There’s bit of a discussion between me and @ludooo about which word has the most significance when measuring the greatness of something. I say epic is bigger than awesome. @ludooo says awesome is bigger than epic (he’s not right, of course). Please help us decide! Which is bigger? Awesome or Epic?(polling)


You all know the word: “Battery”. Like most words, it has several meanings. This site greatly explains the meaning of the word battery, and adds a little lyric-sugar to it! Come on boys and girls! Sing along to BAT • TER • Y. (Please digg the site or post a link to it. Thanks!)

Be productive! 37 things you can do on the toilet

We all have to go. Most of us once a day. Others have to do it more often. However, we can be much more productive while doing or daily duty at the toilet. Besides the old “joke book” and “newspaper” what can you do on the toilet to kill the time? I’ve found 37 things that might be a good option for you next number 2.

26 Things you can do with an old PC

We’ve all been there. Your old trusty PC dies. First thing you do is buy a new one. After you’re done playing with all the new bells and whistles your old PC didn’t have, it’s time to thing what to do with the old fella. Here are some tips! The whole system can be used like this: Give it away to friends or family who can use the "upgrade" Take it apart and see what comes out Create route/firewall for your network Creata a file server Install and try Linux Create a jukebox / media player Sell it Trash it / Recycle it Ceremonially set it on fire See what happens when you shoot it Symbolically throw it out of the window If you only have the casing, this can be put to great use!

Having fun with SPAM!

I was just wading through my SPAM at Gmail to see if it flagged anything important. Then I came across this message: Is your website offline, or why can’t I find it on Yahoo? Your website ( on top positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN search! We will get your website ( to the top positions on all major search engines. Use our great value offer: We will submit your website (www.