About Ariejan

Ariejan is a passionate software engineer who likes to build rock-solid back-end applications.

In his free time Ariejan likes to tinker with electronics by repairing “vintage” audio equipment or designing, programming, and manufacturing small batch electronics projects.

He also likes to shoot (traditional wooden) arrows with his Hedeby Viking longbow at Archery club Pieter Breugel.

Since 2007 Ariejan has been working at Kabisa, the leading Ruby on Rails consultancy firm in The Netherlands.

This site

I started blogging in 1996. My site has gone through many iterations and some content was lost in the process. The most recent post on this site is from 2006.

In 2017 I switched from https://ariejan.net to https://www.devroom.io as my primary domain name for this blog.

This site is static HTML, generated with Hugo.

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