August 2007 – Present
Weert, The Netherlands

Senior Software Engineer


Provide software engineering consultancy with a focus on Ruby on Rails web applications and software integration.

Responsibilities include:

  • Writing rock-solid Ruby on Rails applications
  • Manage development teams as either Scrum Master or Product Owner
  • Manage relations with stakeholders and customers
  • Train colleagues on software craftsmanship and testing practices
  • Supervise software engineering interns and graduate students
  • Organize and speak at meet-ups and conferences
September 2004 – July 2007
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Lecturer / Software Engineer

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Responsibilities include:

  • Lecture on Open-Source software, Linux and provide LPI training courses
  • Manage groups of students on software engineering projects

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Last week I started a new repair project: a 42” Philips TV. The power supply was obviously defect, but I ran into another problem as well…

Building a quality phono preamp is still one of the joys of the audio electronics enthusiast. This is my first take on a RIAA phono premap.

After watching The Signal Path for some I decided to treat myself to a classic 34401A 6½ digit multimeter.

This unit sold from 2012-2015 as the top-of-the line AV Network Receiver from Denon. I got my hands on a unit with power protection issues. Here’s the repair log the Denon AVR-4520.

Another lucky find: Rotel RB-970BX Power Amplifier with one defective channel. Let’s fix this!

The venerable Marantz PM80 Mk2. This unit was completely dead, but I was able to bring it back to life!

A classic 1989 Denon PMA 720a Integrated Amp that made a bang and wont’t turn on. Let’s solve this!

A Marantz SR5200 receiver with a non-working front-right channel. Let’s fix that!

Log of diagnosing and repairing a Denon PMA560 Stereo integrated amplifier.

A bench power supply is one of the essential tools of any electronics hobbyist.Although you can buy a such a unit for less that € 50, it’s way more fun to build one yourself.


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