What do you want for AutoFlickr?

Almost a month ago I published my WordPress plugin AutoFlickr, which shows one or more related photos from the popular Flickr site in your post. Now I’m wondering what new features AutoFlickr users want. What parts of the current plugin are superfluous. Also, I’d like to know how is using AutoFlickr? Please post a comment with your wishes for AutoFlickr 1.1. People using AutoFlickr may contact me to let me know about their site.

Wordpress Plugin: AutoFlickr 1.0

This post announces my first Wordpress Plugin: AutoFlickr. What does it do? When enabled, AutoFlickr will automatically find and insert one ore more photos that are related to the content of your post. Photos are found and hosted on Flickr. Features Automatically insert one or more photos Customizable (photo size, number of photos and type of search). Option to select what pages to automatically show photos.