To Blog or Not To Blog

My last post was 154 days ago. That’s about five months without writing a single post on this blog. I’ve been thinking about what this means and what happened, and here is what I discovered. First of all I love writing. It has something peaceful to write down your experiences and thoughts. I also love that I can share these experiences with you, like 90.000 times each month, if I’m to believe analytics.

Write a DVD-Video from the Linux console

This is probably my last post for this year, and it’s not about Ruby on Rails! Or web development! It’s about how to burn a DVD-Video from the Linux console. I know, there are tons of fancy apps (with a decent GUI) that allow you to create DVD-Video disks from Gnome or KDE. But, my Linux machine has no monitor attached and I don’t care for hogging up resources by running X.