VPN too complicated? Use a IP-over-SSH tunnel instead

Some times you find yourself in a place where your Mac is safely tucked away behind a firewall. That’s great, but sometimes it is annoying as hell, because you need to access resources over FTP or contact people who’re on IRC. The normal solution would be to setup a VPN with one of your servers elsewhere and connect to the outside world that way. Unfortunately, in all their wisdom, sys admins have probably closed up the proper ports to access your VPN server as well.

Setup a PPTP VPN connection on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In my previous tutorial I explained how to setup a PPTP based VPN server on Ubuntu. Now I’ll show you how to configure Mac OS X Snow Leopard to use that VPN connection. ~ Just watch the movie. How to setup a PPTP VPN connection from Mac OS X 10.6 from Ariejan de Vroom on Vimeo. Note: You may open port 1723 (TCP) on your router to allow you to connect to your VPN server from the Internets.

Setup a Ubuntu VPN server

I recently installed Ubuntu Linux on a home server (I hate that word, but it best describes what it is, so). Anyway, I’d like to be able to create a VPN network between my home server and my MacbookPro, which might be anywhere in the world. This first part of the tutorial describes how to setup a VPN server in Ubuntu. ~ First, install the pptpd package. pptpd offers a PPTP-type VPN which is supported by Microsoft and other network vendors.