Firefly 1.1.0 adds QR Codes for your shortened URLs

I just pushed Firefly 1.1.0 (code) to Rubygems containing a very nice new feature: QR Codes. Why would you care? Well, almost anything can scan QR Codes nowadays. Simple add .png to the end of your shortened URL and you’ll get a nice QR Code that you can print or embed on somewhere on the web. Give it a try: http://aj.gs/2Y.png Simply scan the image and it will yield your short URL, ready for use.

Firefly 0.4.3 and Firefly Client 0.4.0 released

Today version 0.4.3 of Firefly was released with some minor updates. To complete the package, a new gem firefly-client has been released. The client library allows your Ruby application to easily shorten URLs with a remote Firefly server. It’s very easy to use and lightweight. Firefly 0.4.3 Changelog Handle invalid API keys correctly. Added a fix for MySQL users to update the code column to use the correct collation.

Really? Another Sinatra URL Shortener in Ruby?

With my recent interest in Sinatra I decided to make some us of it and write a URL shortener service for with it. This also gave me an excuse to polish up my DataMapper skills a bit. ~ Now, it’s finished! I put the app on http://github.com/ariejan/firefly. Feel free to fork! Not sure if it works? Try this: http://aj.gs/2 Questions? Please use the comments!