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This is just a quick note to let everyone know is now proudly hosted by Heroku. Since this site is powered by a toto (a rack-based blog engine) and no database, Heroku is the perfect hosting solution. ~ All articles are simple text files (with some YAML front-matter to specify title, tags, etc.) and are kept under Git version control. Deploying is a simple git push to Heroku.

Shields up! Rrrack alert!

For a very long time I have been dissatisfied with WordPress. Although it’s the best PHP blogging engine out there, it sucked. Firstly, it’s slow. I got the front end a bit snappier by caching the living crap out of it, but that did not help things for me in the backend. So, what to do? ~ I’ve been looking towards ruby-based blogs a lot. Typo and Mephisto were two of the first ones out there, but they just didn’t feel right.