Epic TextMate Theme

Okay, I’ve wanted to make a custom TextMate theme since I first installed the thing on my MacBook in 2006. Today I present you with ‘Epic’. Installation Grab the theme here: EpicBlue.tmTheme.zip (1.5k). Unzip it and open it with TextMate. That’s all. Enjoy!

Textmate+Rails: Easy partials for better code

As you may know, I use TextMate for editing Rails code. I’ve just been browsing the Rails bundle today and I came across some very interesting things. Today I’ll tell you about partials. Partials are ERb templates. They are mostly HTML (or RJS or XML or whatever output format you use) and include some embedded Ruby to show actual content. Partials are not linked to a method in a controller, but instead they can be easily rendered through-out your application. TextMate allows you to refactor your application to use partials with almost no effort!