VPN too complicated? Use a IP-over-SSH tunnel instead

Some times you find yourself in a place where your Mac is safely tucked away behind a firewall. That’s great, but sometimes it is annoying as hell, because you need to access resources over FTP or contact people who’re on IRC. The normal solution would be to setup a VPN with one of your servers elsewhere and connect to the outside world that way. Unfortunately, in all their wisdom, sys admins have probably closed up the proper ports to access your VPN server as well.

How to enable SSH Forwarding on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The other day I was toying with Rubber to deploy a Rails3 app to Amazon EC2. I host the project code in a private Github repository, accessible only with my own SSH key. In order to checkout your code an any EC2 instance you can do one of two things: Copy your private SSH key to the instance - This sounds easy enough, but has serious security implications. You do not want to be sending out your private SSH key, do you?