RailsConf Europe 2007!

Well, after a long trip, I arrived at my hotel yesterday in Berlin. Today I, and my mates from Kabisa, have joined RailsConf Europe 2007. I don’t think I’ll be giving a full, in-detail report of everything that happens, but I will let you know anything worth your (and my) time. If you happen to be in Berlin these days, feel free to drop me an e-mail at ariejan at ariejan.

Easily create a FavIcon online!

You know those little icons you see in your browsers address bar? Yes, the ones in you bookmarks! Well, you want such an icon for your site? These icons are called FavIcons, short for Favourites Icon. Most modern browsers make use of them. To create such an icon you’ll need some image first. Normally the process would be rather difficult involving several graphics manipulation programs and conversions. Don’t fall for that! Use the followin FavIcon from Pics site! Just upload a gif, jpeg or png image (with transparency if you like) and get a FavIcon for free! There are also some other goodies included! Of course, there’s information available on how to upload your FavIcon and how to let your browser know about it.