Testing Rails 3 scopes revisited

In my previous article I told you about how I like to tests my scope. There was a fair amount of criticism on that post and after considering it all (and hearing Corey Haines’ talk on Arrrrcamp last friday), I’m convinced it’s the wrong path. In essence Rails allows you to create a scope to generate a custom database query for you. Now, if you only test your configuration of Rails (as I did in my previous post), you don’t know if that scope works or not.

Properly testing Rails 3 scopes

The content of this post is no longer correct. Please read this article for details. Testing scopes has always felt a bit weird to me. Normally I’d do something like this: class Post < ActiveRecord::Base scope :published, where(:published => true) scope :latest, order("created_at DESC") end describe Post do context 'scopes' do before(:all) do @first = FactoryGirl.create(:post, :created_at =>, :published => true) @last = FactoryGirl.create(:post, :created_at =>, :published => false) end it "should only return published posts" do Post.