Music Streaming Setup

I love music. Recently I got into vinyl and I love it. Although it’s not digital 24⁄96 studio quality, there is something relaxing about picking a record, putting it on my turn table and listening to the small diamond needle scanning the grooves of the record pressed 30 or 40 years ago. This post is not about vinyl, though. Today I listen mostly to music on Spotify. It’s cheap, offers good quality and is available both at home and at work.

Mass convert WMA to MP3 using ffmpeg and ruby

Today I found myself in a situation where I have a few (200+) WMA audio files. Due to personal preference I want MP3, not WMA. So, let’s convert that lot. What I want to do is convert all those WMA files to constant bitrate 192kbps, stereo mp3 files. (In my case, the WMA files have the required quality to use this settings). ~ The first tool you need is ffmpeg. If you’re on Mac, simple run brew install ffmpeg.