Fixing a slow starting Terminal or iTerm2 on Mac OS X

For some time I have been annoyed with how slow my Terminal (in my case iTerm2) starts up. It would take 5-10 seconds before I was presented a prompt. Being in the console for the better part of the day, this was unacceptable. The first thing I did was upgrade Bash to Zsh. I’d heard great things about Zsh, so I thought I’d give it a try. Zsh is really awesome, but it did not fix the start-up delay I was experiencing previously with Bash.

Your Mac slow? Disable Spotlight in Snow Leopard

For some time now I’ve experience my mac to be very slow. Opening Vim would take minutes. Creating a new Tab in iTerm would take more than 20 seconds. What the hell is going on - this is a brand new MacBook Pro! ~ After investigating, using Activity Monitor I discovered the following: CPU’s idling at 3-5% usage +500M free RAM +200G free disk space Negligible amount of network traffic Very high amount of disk I/O writes (> 450w/s) What’s causing disk I/O?

Hide 'Last login:' on bash login

Everytime I open a new Terminal on my Mac, I get a line like this: Last login: Thu Nov 25 09:07:55 on ttys004 This annoys me. I don’t care when I last opened a local Terminal. To hide this “Last login” message when logging in to bash you need to create a file in your homedirectory. touch ~/.hushlogin With this .hushlogin file in place you won’t see the “Last login” message and go directly to your prompt, where you want to be.

Run Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, 6 and 7 natively on Mac OS X Leopard or Tiger

As a web developer, you probably know all about browsers. They suck. Well, some more than others. But, if you develop apps for Windows users, you’ll have to test your app with Internet Explorer. Now, as a good Rails developer, I’m using a Mac. I can test apps with FireFox, Safari and Opera without problems. But Internet Explorer is always a problem. I used Parallels for a while to run an instance of Windows XP to test with IE.