Automated nanoc deployments

I’ve migrated from a custom Ruby on Rails application to a statically generated site with Nanoc. Publishing my site now goes like this: Write stuff in Markdown Commit and push Watch how jenkins builds and publishes the site with nanoc and rsync. Using nanoc Nanoc is a very powerful static site generator. You can use ruby to create helpers, filters and what not. Fancy using Sass, Compass and Haml?

A Call to all CI Service Providers

As a professional developer I test my code. Every check-in I do is tested either on Kabisa’s Jenkins server or on Travis CI Pro. For open source projects there’s Travis CI. It’s free and a great way to get to know Travis. Now, as an individual I have some side projects, most notably my own site, I value well written and well tested code as much for my own stuff as for my professional work.