Using your Firefly URL Shortener with Twitter for iPhone

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The Twitter for iPhone app (itunes) can be configured to use your very own Firefly URL shortener! Here’s how.

~ Custom URL server...

Actually, it’s quite simple. First, setup your own Firefly instance, possibly using Heroku.

When that’s done, simple open Twitter for iPhone, then follow this path:

  • Tap the three dots
  • Open “Accounts & Settings”
  • Tap the “Settings” button at the bottom
  • Open “Services”
  • Choose “URL Shortening”
  • Then pick “Custom…"

All right, you’re now ready to enter your magic URL. Simply replace the YOUR_DOMAIN and YOUR_API_KEY placeholders with your actual domain name and API key (you can find them in your


Then hit “Save” and you’re set! Twitter for iPhone will now automatically use your Firefly instance to shorten URLs!

Looking for the Firefly source code?

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