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Public Readable Amazon S3 Bucket Policy

Amazon S3 allows you to set per-file permissions to grant read and/or write access. This is nice, but sometimes you just want to share your whole bucket with the world.

Luckily, Amazon features bucket policies, which allow you to define permissions for an entire bucket. ~ This example will give read access to Everyone on all files in your bucket.

 2	"Version":"2008-10-17",
 3	"Statement":[{
 4	"Sid":"AllowPublicRead",
 5		"Effect":"Allow",
 6		"Principal": {
 7			"AWS": "*"
 8			},
 9		"Action":["s3:GetObject"],
10		"Resource":["arn:aws:s3:::bucket/*"
11		]
12	}
13	]

Make sure you replace bucket in arn:aws:s3:::bucket/* with your bucket name.

After setting this bucket policy (see ‘Bucket -> Properties -> Add Bucket Policy’), all your files will be publicly readable.