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For some time I have been eyeballing Sony’s e-reader in the local bookstore. I tried it a few times, but I didn’t like it - actually I had serious doubts about e-books in general because of the experience. Sony’s e-reader was not really easy to use with only one next-page button in a not-so-easy to access place. It also had a slow e-ink screen. It took a second to a second-and-a-half to show the next page. I didn’t like it and had serious doubts about buying any e-reader at all.

But, reading about all the “epic win”-stories of the Kindle by @johnnybusca I just had to give it a try - I bought one.

Since receiving the Kindle last monday, I haven’t felt any regret! The Kindle easy beautiful, fast with screen updates and of course integrates neatly with Amazon’s Kindle Store. The whole product is designed to be easy to use - and it is.

I had already purchased The One That Got Away for Kindle for iPhone. Syncing it to my Kindle was done in about 30 seconds and I was ready to start reading!

For me the Kindle has three big advantages:

  • The Kindle is easier to hold with one hand that a paperback. With a "Next page" button on either side of the device, it doesn't matter if you hold it with your right or left hand!
  • I don't need to lug around paperbacks. I can always have my stack of novels with me. Also, Kindle takes up a lot less space than all my paperbacks do now!
  • The built-in dictionary is very easy to access while reading. This gives me, as a non-native English speaker, the great benefit of quickly looking up words I don't yet know and actually learn them while reading.

There is one little problem with Kindle, and that is the battery. You can use Kindle a long time on battery, even with wireless enabled, but eventually you’ll have to recharge. It’s not a huge task to hook up the Kindle to my Mac, but it might be a little troublesome on holidays where no computer is available. The US power connector is utterly useless in Europe.

To make a long story short. If you’re considering to buy an e-ready, go for Amazon’s Kindle. Don’t buy the Sony or any other product that might be cheaper, go for quality and ease of use! Now, enough with the blog writing, back to reading on my Kindle!

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