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Well, I just got invited for Google FriendConnect! Let me tell you a bit about FriendConnect.

With FriendConnect you can easily join See of it as a pool of visitors or fans if you like.

Once you’ve joined up (with your google account, for example) you’ll be able to interact more closely with In the case of you can share your thoughts with other visitors. Just vent your frustration about Linux or let others know what Rails project you’re working on.

Another benefit for you is that you can see what sites other people have signed up for as well. This way you’ll be able to get a list of sites that visitors like as well. You might compare it with Amazon’s “other people also bought..” feature.

The big benefit for me is that’s it’s nice to see the list of fans/visitors growing. After all, that’s what I’m keeping a blog for after all.

In the future I’ll be able to add other widgets to This allows for other features to appear on and a better over-all user experience.

You may want to read more about Google FriendConnect and OpenSocial.

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