Whooop - here it is! The new Ariejan.net!

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Wow! Here it is then! The fully restyled, revamped and repimped Ariejan.net! (I hope you like it). So, “what’s changed?”, you may ask.

  • I've upgraded to WordPress 2.3, which has very sexy tagging support.
  • A new template with a bit more of my personal taste included (blue!)
  • A major division of articles: Blog posts (which are regular messages from me to the world) and featured articles (which are the good stuff you come for).
  • I've finally written the about page (although a photo is still missing)
  • I've got Flickr support lined up - ready to go when I can afford myself a Canon 400D SLR Camera (or Rebel XTi for you American folk). (help me out?)

My goal is to publish a bit more on the advanced Rails topics I encounter these days at work. Also, I’m still working on my Subversion Kickstart e-book, which will be published before the end of this year. (Thanks to Josh Blair for pointing out I was still working on it.)

If you have any Rails related questions (especially if you live in Europe) please let me know. We at Kabisa are always happy to free up some of our time to help you out.

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