I’m Back!

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All right, I’m back!

Yes, my holiday was nice. Thanks for asking. Now, I’ve been looking at the poll in my previous post and I’ve made up my mind.

  1. I’m going to look into writing a blogging system in Ruby on Rails. I don’t want to copy typo or Mephisto or anything, but just put my own thoughts together, add a bit of spice you guys (and girls?) have to offer and release it some time.

Just to be clear (and prevent myself from getting a lot of mail about this): I’m going to see if I can make time to work on a project like this. That’s all. If I can, I’ll let you know. If I can’t.. well too bad, I guess :)

  1. I’m going to, as I did before, write a lot of articles about Subversion and Ruby on Rails. Maybe I’ll add some new topics too, but those will pop up when they do. Just keep an eye out for news here at Ariejan.net (tip: grab my RSS Feed).

Also, I’m now available to do Ruby on Rails projects for real! Just contact me and we can discuss details at your leisure.

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