The Three Corner Stones of Developerhood

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As a developer, there are just some things you can’t do without. I have found that there are three things that I need. Really need. If one of them is missing, I have trouble doing my job properly.

I call them “The Three Corner stones of Developerhood”: ~

1. Coffee

Most importantly coffee. I just can’t do without it. I don’t drink it to stay awake or anything, but it’s just a warm beverage that keeps me focused and gives me the energy I need to keep working. I prefer coffee over all those horrible caffeine drinks.

2. A good text editor

No matter how good Integrated Developement Environments are, I always prefer my trusty TextMate to get things done for me.

Syntax highlighting and the huge amount of macro’s is just a pleasure to work with. I support PHP, HTML, CSS and most importantly, Ruby on Rails.

If you have a Mac. Buy this now!

3. Google

I can’t tell you how many problems I’ve solved by using Google to find the answer.

Of course, you can just insert any search engine here, but Google is really my favourite. With Google Groups I can find stuff in news groups easily, and as a developer, news groups are a very valuable resource of information.

It’s very well possible that you have three other corner stones. Feel free to comment them below and let me know.

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