My name is Ariejan de Vroom. I’m a husband and father-of-two.

I’ve been programming electronic devices since 1992 when I started as a kid toying around with GW-BASIC on my trusty 80286.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) in 2007 and joined Kabisa straight after that as a Ruby on Rails engineer.

During my 16 year tenure at Kabisa I’ve done many things, from writing super smooth web applications with Ruby on Rails to rock-solid Java Spring Boot back-ends, and shiny Flutter mobile and desktop apps.

My professional role includes helping businesses transition to Agile, training people in the art of software craftsmanship, and lead teams to deliver quality software.

I like to play bass guitar and piano. Occasionally I dabble in writing synthwave music (it’s out on vinyl!). I like reading (science) fiction or binging some TV series.

If it’s technically challenging, I’ll probably enjoy doing it.

Currently I spend most of my time on restoring/repairing a 1994 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Cabrio.

My favourite text editor is vim.

About this site

I started blogging in 1996. My site has gone through many iterations and some content was lost in the process. The earliest post here is from 2006, at which time I learned the importance of backups.

In 2017 I switched from https://ariejan.net to https://www.devroom.io as my primary domain name for this blog.

This site is static HTML, generated with Hugo.