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Gnu Privacy Guard and You

This talk highlights why GPG is more relevant than ever in a modern age where government spying is the norm and no one on the internet can be trusted. We also take a dive in to how the RSA public key algorithm works at its core and how you can get started with GPG today.

This talk contains (for some audiences complex) math, I’ve also made a MathSanitized™ version.

Objective-C Awesomesuace

Ruby and Objective-C seem like programming languages from two different worlds. When you take a closer look at them, you will start to see similarities. As a Ruby developer, I want to highlight these similarities in this talks and learn from what Objective-C does differently from Ruby.

Software Craftsmanship

A talk I did for about 200 Unit4 developers on june 6th about software craftsmanship and how we do that at Kabisa.

Introducting Gitlab

Gitlab is an awesome git-repo-tool-project-manager-web-ui-thingy you should know about.

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