Divide and Conquer

A few days ago I wrote about getting up early and getting stuff done (link). After giving this a some more thought I figured out that there’s something else going on as well. Getting up early and working during the quiet hours in the morning is not the only thing helping me be productive. The other factor is having limited time. The fact is that I have to make breakfast, shower and get out of the door for work on time.

Early Birds

Over the years I’ve often found myself behind my computer at two in the morning trying to finish a feature for a side-project and trying to keep my eyes open and focussed. After a hack session until two or three in the morning, there would be a price to pay in the morning. Not even three alarms would wake me and I’d be grumpy all day long. The feature I wrote the evening before didn’t even look that good, so I’d be re-written or removed altogether.