Google increases storage!

Google today increased the storage available to Google App users. Before free app users (like me) has 2Gb available, and premium users could store up to 10Gb of mail and documents. Today, Google upgraded the premium accounts to 25Gb! Store for the free version of Google Apps has been leveled with the current Gmail service (2910Mb at the moment).

10 reasons why Microsoft's 10 reasons not to use Google Apps suck

You may have already read the 10 reasons why Microsoft thinks the enterprise should not use Google Apps. Well, here’s my response:

FeedBurner acquired by Google!

It looks like Google is about to acquire FeedBurner. Just a note to all of you to let you know. If you have a blog or RSS enabled website, burn your feed now and get your AdSense account ready! Soon you’ll be able to put targeted ads in your RSS feed and add another source of income to your list! Great news! Please digg and share! Thank you!

8 Great ways to use Google for your start-up

Google is more than a search engine or an advertising company. Of course, it’s their core business, but Google has more to offer. In this article I’ll describe how you can put Google to work for your start-up (or existing business!). Oh, did I mention you can do all of this for free? The most commonly known service Google provides besides search and advertising is Gmail. Nowadays Gmail is a common concept in the field of e-mail services. When the services started you got a 1Gb inbox. Today you can store up to around 2.8Gb of emails and Google Talk chat transcripts! Wouldn’t it be great to use this for you company for free? Well you can! And a lot more!

How I made 6 figures with Google Adsense in 10 days

There has been a lot of talk about making money with Google Adsense. There are claims of people earning over $10.000 every month by just putting a few ads up on their site. I say they are amateurs! I’ll show you how to make a 6-figure earning within 10 days after you put up ads on your site! Just follow these easy steps and you can quit your day job after just ten days of work.

Google Project Hosting: SourceForge Competitor

I just found out that Google Code is now offering Project Hosting! It’s in the same style as SourceForge, but the Google way! As a Google user you can create a project with a built-in issue tracker and Subversion repository. And if that’s not all, you can tie in a blog (at is you like) and adiscussion group (on Google Groups, of course). This is really a nice package Google is offering and it looks like a serious competitor for SourceForge.