Automated nanoc deployments

I’ve migrated from a custom Ruby on Rails application to a statically generated site with Nanoc. Publishing my site now goes like this: Write stuff in Markdown Commit and push Watch how jenkins builds and publishes the site with nanoc and rsync. Using nanoc Nanoc is a very powerful static site generator. You can use ruby to create helpers, filters and what not. Fancy using Sass, Compass and Haml?

Deploying a third-party Rails application - like Gitlab

We all know how to deploy our own Rails projects. (If not, read this guide.) But how do you handle deploying a third-party application that may require some customisation on your part? A good example would be Gitlab Gitlab is an open source Github clone, build using Ruby on Rails. It’s a nice project that uses Gitosis under the hood to manage your git repositories. There are several good installation guides available on the web, but they all assume you want to deploy gitlab verbatim - without any modification or configuration