Bitcoin Mining Anno 2017

Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 and has gained much popularity since then. At the time of writing the exchange rate for 1 BTC is about €1100 (or $1166), quite an increase from when you could get 1 BTC for just a few euro. It is 29 November 2017, just eight months after writing this post, and the exchange rate has skyrocketed. The $10,000 barrier has already been broken and the €10,000 barrier is in sight.

Crowd sourcing your BitCoin mining

BitCoin is a hip new currency using peer-to-peer networking to process transactions. You can either buy it from others, or mine it by solving math puzzles. Would it be possible to crowd source the mining process to visitors of your website? ~ What’s BitCoin anyway? BitCoin (BTC) is not distributed by a central bank, but is generated by its users. In order to mine BTC, your computer must solve math puzzles.