They are just tools, people!

Codaset is openly asking its users to comment on what pricing strategy they would like most. I’ve spotted this before, but again, there are two types of users. Those who see a great service and know that it will make their job easier, so they are willing to pay for it. There are also those who want a trillion repositories, unlimited disk space and what not for $1 a month (or less). This post is for the latter group of people. Some developers claim they need to use all of 37Signals’ apps, have the biggest Github plan available and buy that new shiny 17” MacBook Pro (or that 27” iMac, I know). With all those tools and hardware available, how can your brilliant plan not succeed? All the successful people you’ve heard of use them. So, with all that setup, you’re golden! Right? Then they check the price tag. It’s huge!