Get ready for Firefly 0.3!

13 April 2010

Hot off the press is Firefly 0.3! Firefly is a simple URL shortener application intended for personal use. It’s core features are:

Interested? Give it a go! Here’s how in ht

1. Install Firefly

gem install firefly

2. Ready?

Create a new directory and place the following file in it:

require 'rubygems'
require 'firefly'

disable :run

app = do
  set :hostname,    "localhost:3000"
  set :api_key,     "test"
  set :database,    "sqlite3://#{Dir.pwd}/firefly.sqlite3"

run app

3. Go!

Start your engines! In this case I use thin:

thin start -R

Now, when you visit http://localhost:3000/ you’ll be asked for your API key to login. Then, start shortening!


If you were already running Firefly 0.2, upgrading is easy. Simple update the Firefly gem to 0.3 and restart your server.

When you update from 0.2 you’ll notice your click stats are all indicating 0. Don’t worry, no data was lost! The solution is quite simple.

  1. Remove the clicks field from firefly_urls
ALTER TABLE `firefly_urls` DROP `clicks`;
  1. Rename the visits field to clicks
ALTER TABLE `firefly_urls` CHANGE `visits` `clicks` int;

All done! No restart required.