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This plugin is no longer available. Blueprint nowadays ships with a very good ‘compress’ script that allows you to generate all kinds of nice BluePrint layouts. Having a plugin to just copy some files seems a bit excessive.

I think that, if you’re a web developer, you’ve seen the BlueprintCSS framework. BlueprintCSS offers quite a bit of CSS code that allows you to quickly and easily build a grid-based layout, using pure CSS.

That’s, of course, all very nice, but you should be able to plug it in into your Rails app. And now you can!

Install my plugin:

./script/plugin install

And then generate as many BlueprintCSS layouts as you’d like. To create a layout for your posts controller, simply run the following command:

./script/generate blueprint posts

This will create a posts.rhtml template in app/views/layouts, and add the proper CSS and images to your application. That’s all!

Note 1: You may remove a few lines of inline CSS from your layout to remove the supporting background images.

Note 2: Bugs and feature requests go into Trac.

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