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Just a note to let you know that has just been moved to a new server! Well, I’ve moved from shared hosting with Delta9 Internet to a VPS solution.

Why on earth would I do such a thing? I’m very happy with the service I’ve recieved from Delta9 in the past. However, I wanted more control over my hosting. I’m a web developer and I have special needs. Such needs include Subversion and Ruby on Rails hosting, state-of-the art PHP and MySQL installations. PostgreSQL support and some other things. Concluding that for, shared hosting was no longer an option.

I could have taken a big step and buy myself a shiny new server all for my self, but that just doesn’t fit into my budget at this time. When the time comes to host a dedicated server I will come back to Delta9 Internet.

So, has moved to a VPS solution for the time being. Other sites I run are still hosted at Delta9, so I don’t abandon them all together.

If you are looking for quality hosting with a personal touch, give Delta9 Internet a try! Tell ‘em I send you :)

I want to thank Delta9 Internet for hosting for such a long time, and when the time’s right… I’ll be back!

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