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How I made 6 figures with Google Adsense in 10 days

There has been a lot of talk about making money with Google Adsense. There are claims of people earning over $10.000 every month by just putting a few ads up on their site.

I say they are amateurs! I’ll show you how to make a 6-figure earning within 10 days after you put up ads on your site! Just follow these easy steps and you can quit your day job after just ten days of work. It’ what I did.

Decide on a topic for your site

First you must decide on what the topic of your site is. Try a keyword bid searching tool to find out which keywords and topics will generate the most.

It’s not important if you don’t have any knowledge on the topic you will be writing about. It’s just about making money.

Register a domain

Next you must register a domain and get your hosting setup. You can do this for a few bucks. This is the only investment you have to do here! For the $10 investment in hosting and domain registration you’ll get a ROI of more than 100.000%.

When choosing a domain, make sure it’s catchy. Something like “” or “”. It doesn’t need to be readable it just needs to contain a lot of keywords for you site.

Don’t bother with quality hosting. Just find the cheapest reseller you can find. Make sure you get at least 5Tb of bandwidth, though. You’ll need it.

Setup your site

Open up Frontpage and write an article. It only needs to be a few paragraphs. Make sure to include lots of keywords so Google can attach the right, high paying, ads.

Add the ads!

With your site in order now, add the maximum amount of ads allowed. For optimal results use the biggest ad format available and make sure a visitor sees the ads even before they reach the content of your site. This ensure the maximum clich-thru rate possible.

Also include a link-block. This will lure visitors to a page with only ads from Google! This is a real gold mine!

The third thing Google offers are referrals. Plaster some big images at the bottom. Claim how much you make with your site and have users sign-up for adsense too. This will make you $200 almost instantly!

Don’t forget the obligatory “Use Firefox” referral!

Publish your site

Now it’s time to publish your site and start making the big bucks! It’s almost time to quit your day job.

Surf around and post a link to your site everywhere you can. Comment on any blog you see and put your link there. Roam forums and randomly insert links to your site there too.

If you’re feeling adventurous you may also setup an Adwords campaign yourself and pay for visitors. Since you have many high-paying ads on your site you can make money at a 1:10 ratio ($1 spend on adwords is $10 earned in Adsense)

And now... you wait

Now you wait ten days and then quit your job (you have a two weeks notice anyway). After those ten days you’ll have made a nice 6 figures in hard currency. Just wait for the check to arrive and you’re done!

Oh, don’t forget to ***** my *** since I gave you this very valuable information and I still need to reach my 6 figures for this month. Thank you.