Welcome to Ariejan.net

Well, it has happened to me. Although I make regular backups of my site, this time I was screwed!

Since I’m very interested in Ruby on Rails, I gave a RoR weblog, TypoSphere, a try. I exported my entire Wordpress blog to typo and I was a happy man. Until disaster struck…

After a while I noticed that typo’s search functionality was not working. I recieved a MySQL error messages that the table containing my artilces did not exists! To make a long story short, all database files containing data were gone. Luckily I make regular backups every day automatically.

Well, I make regular backups and keep the seven most recent backup files at hand. But, you guessed it, apparently the disaster happened more than a week ago. So, all my backup files contained the corrupted database files. Bugger!

So, after some flirting with Dreamweaver, Drupal and Joomla, I’m back at Wordpress which really is the best, easy to use and customize publishing tool I know.

Since all my previous tutorials are gone, I’m going to start with a clean slate here. Please comment on my articles if you like and feel free to link anything you find here.

For now, I’ll have to re-customize my site and then I’m ready to start posting useful things here.

Ariejan de Vroom
Software Engineer and Electronics Tinkerer